Thursday, June 5, 2008

Picky chickens

The chickens have been outside for more than a week now, and seem to be quite happy. They have frequent visitors - including Toby, the cat next door, who terrifies them. And, of course, Gracie is still infatuated with them - or possibly consumed by thoughts of a fresh chicken dinner.

I'm surprised by one thing: They're a bit picky when it comes to food. I thought they'd eat just about anything, but they didn't much care for leftover cantaloupe (although they gobbled down the seeds), cucumber peels or tomato ends. They do seem to like greens, including buckwheat sprouts and spinach.

We had a torrential rain on Wednesday, a good test for the henhouse, which passed the rain trial and stayed dry inside. However, the wood on the front door swelled up, so now I have to pare it down for it to shut properly.

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ThomasK said...

Great pictures, and I'm glad to read the coop passed its first rain test! Our Urban Chickens are picky eaters, too. While other chickens delight in eating black sunflower seeds, ours can't stand the seeds. They don't much care for cantaloupe or other melons either. But don't you dare get in the way of their access to grapes or you'll be in big trouble. They simply can't get enough grapes, tho green grapes are their favorite. Keep experimenting!